Day trips from Prague



Medieval castle build in the 14th century, by then the most powerful Emperor of Christian Europe as a stronghold and a treasury of imperial crown jewels. Located about 45 kilometers in the south - west direction from Prague, makes it a wonderful trip to the Prague suburbs connected with a little walk through the village and an interesting view of reconstructed gothic architecture.
Duration: 5 hours
Optional suggestion: use a local train instead of private car.


Chateau, its construction dating back to the 13 th. century, when it was build as a water fortress. In late 19 th.century it was bought by the successor to an Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand d´Este who started unique reconstruction which changed this castle into a chateau equipped according to the latest hits for e.: personal electrical elevator, hot and cold running water, flush toilet... As a part of the chateau tour you will also see an enormous collection of hunting trophies.
Duration: app. 5 hours
Optional suggestin: use a local train instead of private car.


This infamous place was originally built as a military fortress by the Emperor Joseph II., and named after his mother Empress Maria Theresa as " the city of Theresia".During WW II, this city was converted into a Jewish Ghetto, where Jews from all over the continent were transported. The so called Small Fortress was used as a prison for Nazi secret police prisoners.
Duration: 5-7 hours, depends on your interest for the museum exhibits

Kutná Hora

This important royal city developed from the 14th century, as a result of the exploitation of silver mines, after Prague it was the second largest and most important City in Czech Kingdom. The late Gothic Saint Barbara church and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec are the highlights of this tour. Since 1995 the city centre has been declared a world heritage and is protected by UNESCO. Lately, it has become quite a popular site for different movie productions.
Duration: 5 hours


Karlovy Vary

Also known as Carlsbad, is the oldest and at the same time the largest spa in Czech Republic. It was founded by Charles IV, in a beautiful deep valley of two rivers junction. This world famous spa has been known for its curing mineral hot springs, as well as for its herb liquor Becherovka, which is produced here, and also glass and porcelain products. All this waits to be explored during your strolls through the famous colonnades. Surprisingly, you can even visit a hotel, where the latest James Bond movie was shot.

Duration: 10 hours


Český Krumlov

This town was built on a meandering bend in the river Vltava around the originally gothic castle from the 13 th. century. Despite the passage of time, the town together with the castle complex and chateau have retained its exemplary mediaeval Central European character with intact architectural wealth for more than five centuries. The city centre of this town is since 1992 the world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO.
Duration: 10 hours 


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